Friday, December 12, 2008

Secret Santa Files

One of the local elementary schools has requested Jacob to be their "authentic" Santa for the kindergartners this year!  After his successful Santa outfit fitting, he was presented with this:

We'll call it the Secret Santa File.  Inside was all of the files, photos, and instructions to make sure his Santa performance is flawless and authentic!!  First up, the script he has to memorize in response to the children's pre-rehearsed questions:

Since animosity is of the utmost importance in the authentic Santa endeavor, the two teachers who came to Jacob's fitting informed him that the only entrance he could come into the school was up the fire escape slide...they, of course, would have a rope hanging from it to help him out!

The Japanese are so efficient in their instructions!  This is Jacob's front view of where the children will be sitting:

And, if you'll direct your attention to diagram 1, you'll see Santa's entrance route...

...and exit route in diagram 2!

Jacob's bus directions:
"Get the 9:05, which is way too early.
Kill some time and then call us at 9:30.
Go up the secret rope.  We will greet."

The "secret rope" bit at the end is the best.  
Santa update to follow!

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matt kirkland said...

This is so awesome. It's like he'll be a Santa from a spy novel.