Monday, December 21, 2009

Sapporo's Winter Wonderland

Walking around Odori Park in downtown Sapporo this time of year is such a treat thanks to the annual White Illumination:

The city does its best to envelop you in a dazzling display of light sculptures and set-ups, and it is particularly pretty after (or during) a nice, big snowfall:

Never letting you forget that yes, you ARE in Japan, there's always something a bit bizarre thrown into the mix! My favorite at the White Illumination is the girl in the glass bubble who plays electric Christmas tunes from the comfort of her transparent shelter. Classic:

In a bit of a Christmas identity crisis (and also as a nod to our sister city of Munich), the White Illumination also hosts the German Christmas Market, complete with German crafts, foods, drinks, and entertainment:

Remember what I said about skinny Santas being all the rage here (if not, see The Great Santa Gig post below):

Despite the fact that the Japanese pretty much do nothing on Christmas day (Christmas cake devouring, KFC, and Christmas dates happen the night before), it's almost impossible not to get in the Christmas spirit of home around here! Happy early Christmas, everyone! The countdown is on...

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