Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful Wintery Week

As easy as it is to dread winter and all the cold-snow-slushiness that goes with it, there are just some things that make it such a lovely time of year (for a few months, anyway).  For example, seeing the vice-principal of our school dress up as Santa and distribute candy to squealing high schoolers:

...taking in all the Christmas decorations, lights, and displays:

...small seasonal reminders of home:

...unexpected touches of Japanese cuteness:

...the stillness of the morning after the first really big snow:

...and getting warm by the (kerosene) heater with smoked-salmon snacks and Jacob's super rummy homemade egg nog!

Best wintery week ever!

1 comment:

The Ruzical Zoozical said...

You two are so funny! I love J as Santa-san!