Friday, February 4, 2011

All-School Ski Trip (Or, Working Hard)!

One of the best days of work of the year is when the whole school leaves to go skiing! Yup, the whole school. 16 buses worth, to be exact!

Our destination this year, just like my first year here (last year was canceled due to the crazy swine flu paranoia), was Kiroro Resort about 2 hours outside of Sapporo:

The snow was, shall we say, powdery and plentiful:

I was particularly impressed with the selection of snowboard stickers at the Kiroro shop this year. I'll let the ridiculousness speak for themselves:

It wasn't the best day for skiing as the day was primarily a blizzard, but it was excellent weather for heading to the resort onsen (natural hot springs) and sitting in the outside bath with the cold snow falling on my hot face...ahhhh, what a day at work!

The students still seemed to have plenty of fun, though (How could you not? Your whole school is on a SKI TRIP!!)

So that, folks, was my hardest day at work to date...please try not to feel too sorry for me, okay!

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