Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Big Easy Down in Sapporo

About 25 minutes from our house is a happy, hidden pocket of Americana known as The Famous Door.  Its a New Orleans style bar and is probably one of our most favorite places in all of Sapporo, if anything, because of the people who work and go there (not to mention, the EXCELLENT music that is a million miles away from anything even remotely resembling J-pop!).

This week, the Famous Door had a week-long celebration of their 10-year anniversary, complete with various theme nights including Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, San Antonio, Nashville, and ending, of course, on New Orleans:

Sometimes it pays to make yourself a regular!  The owners asked me if I could put up a show of some of my New Orleans shots, making it my first (and hopefully not last) photo show in Japan!

The last night of the celebration coincided perfectly with Jacob's birthday weekend, so his party-theme this year was a bit of a fusion, to say the least:

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