Saturday, October 17, 2009

World O' Kit Kats

Last spring, I posted about the crazy flavor-phenomenon of Kit Kats here in Japan (you can also see my subsequent flavor reviews here and here), and let me tell you folks, the flavors keep a rollin' on out! It's been awhile since I've given a Kit Kat flavor update, but luckily for you (and to the slight dismay of my husband), my collection (hoarding?) keeps on growing. Just a few of the recent flavors:

Sports Drink flavor...tasted vaguely like Pocari Sweat.

Modeled after a popular Apple and Carrot Juice Drink here in Japan, this flavor is pretty addictive!

Hokkaido Azuki (Sweet) Beans...light, sweet, and tastes like cake (you know, of the sweet bean variety)!

One of the first I've had in the new "Calorie-Control Series," Apple Cider Vinegar!  Imagine delicious apple pie flavor in your mouth...yummers!

Umesho (Japanese Plum Wine) is also in the Calorie Control Series...amazing!

A Special Edition from Tokyo (can only be found there):  Soy Sauce!!  I know what you're thinking, but these taste just like wedding cake and are perhaps one of my most favorite flavors!

A Hokkaido Special Edition flavor (can only be found here):  Roasted Sweet Corn!   Love it! 

A bit of a bizarre flavor, Chocolate and Rose!  It was kind of like eating perfume...

Imagine my disappointment when, after purchasing what I believed to be a new Kit Kat Drink from the vending machine, I actually got regular mini Kit Kats in a glass jar!  They were caramel custard flavor though, so not a total loss!

Can't wait to see what fall and winter have in store for us in the kooky world of Japanese Kit Kats!


Anonymous said...

yum i want some of the umesho kit kats!!!!!! those look DELISH!!!!


ThiessenTwosome said...

I know...they AARRRRRE!