Saturday, November 21, 2009

Farewell Fall...

Last weekend, after being cooped-up for a week on my sickly hiatus, I headed out to enjoy the last nice, fall-ish weekend here in Sapporo!  First stop, Sapporo Factory for a photography exhibit:

Sapporo Factory was built in 1876 as a brewery, and later became the primary brewery of Sapporo Beer.  Now, it's a huge mega-shopping complex (the Sapporo Beer brewery is now located on the outskirts of the city), but the original red-brick buildings, as well as its trademark chimney-stack, still remain and are particularly pretty in autumn:

One of the buildings of Sapporo Factory houses the Sapporo Photography Library.  They had a really cool show put on by the P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot and Tempting...ha!) Photo Club here in town:

Of course, afterwards I was in the mood for some self-portraits with my little point-and-shoot:

Continuing the day, I walked clear across town to yet another photography exhibition, The History of Polaroid and Otaru Polaroid Exhibition...a tres fab collection of some magnificent Polaroid cameras, as well as an inspirational display of the fading art-form itself:

The Polaroid exhibit was located in a "grittier" part of Sapporo...of course, in Japan, the grittier parts are usually more interesting anyway, so I was glad to have stumbled upon it:

Finally, I ended my fantastic fall frolic with a stop at TK6 to visit Jacob working, as well as to catch some sumo wrestling on t.v.!  I LOVE that I can go to a bar and watch sumo wrestling here, by the way:

We woke up this morning to a white, frozen blanket of snow, making me appreciate even more the chance to have gotten a little inspiration and to discover a little more of Sapporo on the last perfect autumn weekend.  Okay,'s on!

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