Wednesday, June 22, 2011

International Mini Festival in 岩見沢

I headed to the little town of Iwamizawa, just outside of Sapporo, again this year for the ALT-organized International Mini Festival. I had so much fun teaching salsa dancing at last year's event that I couldn't wait to partake again:

This year, instead of dancing the day away, I was pimping out the good 'ol USA at the American booth (note KU hat and football props courtesy of Jacob):

Just like last year, about 150-200 kids showed up, despite the unfavorable weather, to visit the various country booths and get stamps in their cute passports (and to relish in the Obama stickers found at our booth):

We even got an Aussie to come over to the "dark side" if only for an afternoon:

Besides the booths, dancing and other activities, there were also a few food tents selling everything from Costco muffins to tacos to...SMORES:

And then the rains came. Fortunately, it didn't dampen too many spirits, and festival-goers were still able to travel to Korea, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, Palestine, Norway, and Russia in style:

And because our American booth was just so cool and informative, we were even interviewed and featured on t.v...

The show, E-Kita, is a Hokkaido-based program highlighting foreigner life and interests in Japanese and English:

Us "Americans" with host, Isis, and me with my ever-prominent football prop:

So, while this year wasn't as sunny or weather-cooperative as last year, I'm still so happy to have been a part of another successful attempt at bringing a little international flavor to some cute Japanese kids and their parents!

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