Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kolossal Kit Kat Explosion

This was a post that was supposed to happen last fall, and then again this past winter. Now it's summer and the empty Kit Kat boxes have piled up, waiting for their debut on the ol' blog. There's a lot of them here sure to tantalize your taste buds, folks (for a blast to the past of our other crazy Japanese Kit Kat reviews, head here).

First up in the flavor fiesta is a special edition from the southern islands of Okinawa where the local beni-imo, or purple potato, is extremely popular in foods, drinks, and of course, Kit Kats:

I always wondered when Nestle was gonna get really creative. Here it seems they've done it with a flavor combo pack--cola and Lemon Squash (a softdrink here):

We picked this limited edition from Shikoku (one of Japan's main islands) up on our trip to Hiroshima and it is a delicious citrus blend:

Shhh, don't tell the kiddos, but this is Adult Flavor (meaning dark chocolate):

Bitter Almond, sponsored by the Tokyo Beauty Clinic:

Also from Tokyo Beauty Clinic, Aloe Yogurt:

Hojicha, or roasted Japanese green tea:

Ramune, a type of soda here that comes with a marble in it (??)...usually lemon-lime flavored:

You may think this is a standard package of Kit Kats overly packaged in excessive plastic:

...but this edition comes with a pack of Nescafe and a handy mug to beat the afternoon slump:

Onto more crazy flavors! Kinako, or roasted soybean powder:

Ginger ale:

Matcha, or thick Japanese green tea:

Kinako Ohagi, a type of dessert in Japan which consists of sweet, red adzuki beans stuffed inside a pounded rice cake (mochi), and then rolled in powdered, toasted soybeans:

"Kuchi" (mouth) "doke" (melt) chocolate almond:

Milk coffee spring edition:

The über Japanese flavor of them all, wasabi:

And finally, replacing the limited edition Hokkaido flavors of roasted sweet corn and buttered potato, the new Hokkaido edition of Yubari Melon (which is our fancy name here for cantaloupe):

The extra-large gift box is even ready for mailing as is:

Hungry yet? I hope so, because it seems that Nestle has been lagging in the Kit Kat flavor department since about early spring! Hoping for at least one last flavor post before we shove off in August!


The Ruzical Zoozical said...

I am so freeeeeking hungry now. I want all of those flavors in my belly now.

Coree said...

I wish we had some cool unusual kit kat and pringles flavors here in the USA. It would be more interesting!