Wednesday, February 10, 2010

札幌雪祭り The Sapporo Snow Festival

The whirlwind month that is February is in full speed and that means time for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, our largest and most recognized international event. While not as majestic as last year's 60th Anniversary celebration, it was still a nice time of amazing sculptures, a showcase of delicious Hokkaido foods, and a huge downfall of the ironically annoying white stuff itself (snow at a snow festival...meh!):

You haven't lived until you've eaten crab out of a crab head...delish!

As usual, coinciding with the Snow Festival is Susukino's Ice Festival just a few blocks away. It's amazing what can result from chain-saws, chisels, and ice:

The Snow Festival is especially fun because it usually seems to kick-off all the other crazy winter festivals that spring up here during February and March. There's definitely no shortage of fun distractions here to keep your mind off of the bitter, bitter cold, wind, and snow!

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