Friday, November 26, 2010

Far Away Turkey Day

Thanksgiving in Japan once again has come and gone for us, and this year it was no short of another amazing feast! The unseen star of this year's culinary performance was my husband, who prepped, cooked, and worked for days and hours on end to produce an entirely home-cooked traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people (all while cooking regular restaurant orders at the same time)!

With good food and our family of friends from around the world (Japan, the USA, the U.K., New Zealand, and Australia representin'), Thanksgiving continues to be one of the most delicious times of year (warning: gratuitous food and eating pics to follow):

Out from behind the kitchen (is it me, or is he already trying to get a little snoozing in):

And, once again, the prospect of stuffing ourselves like the proverbial turkey makes us realize just how darn lucky we are and thankful we should be. Traveling, health, amazing food experiences, two good jobs, inspiring friends, laughter, ups and downs shared together, a nice warm house, and this continued crazy Japanese adventure all make the list this year. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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