Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Urban Homesteading in Japan

With the new brood of English teachers starting work here in Sapporo this summer came a coolio couple with a passion for travel, brewing their own beer, and still our hearts! Definitely our kind of folks! And to show you just how cool they are, Brian and Jess have brainstormed and put together the Sapporo DIY Exchange promoting urban homesteading here in Sapporo. You can visit their website here, but they basically intend to "build an international community of folks curious about all things DIY, from homesteading and crafting...yogurt and cheesemaking, other fermented foods, soapmaking, gardening, crafts,...and anything else we get curious about." Yup, sign us up!

So our first meeting of the Sapporo DIY Exchange was held at their house last weekend and it was a complete success! First workshop: yogurt-making...

...complete with step-by-step instructions for constructing homemade incubators:

Like any good workshop, there was plenty 'o this case, a variety of their own homemade yogurts, flavored yogurts, yogurt sauces, and homemade falafel for dipping!

And we each got our own tub of yogurt to take home...I'm a big fan of parting-gifts:

I can't think of any better way of "cultivating" new knowledge, experience, and a little internationalization (not to mention, bad puns) all at the same time! Totally looking forward to learning more from these two and having a little afternoon community time to boot!

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racheldherman said...

They sound awesome. And I am going to move the bar toward inspired and away from jealous