Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wednesday was our chance to finally see Obama's inauguration speech in full glory (that is, without cryptic Japanese commentary overlay)!  Once again, this took us to another Obama party at Phreds, and once again, we were interviewed for the local paper!  You can see Jacob's and my heads in the middle of the photo and (for all of you fluent in Japanese) enjoy our captivating interviews:

Phred, in his "Beer Connoisseurs for Obama" getup:

Captivated by our wit and charm, the Hokkaido Shinbun Press reporter and photographer can't get enough:

Thanks to Phred, not only did we enjoy some delicious Rogue beers on the house...

...but we also got to partake in "Throw the Shoe at Bush" for charity event!  In Phred's words, "Why should Iraqi journalists get to have all the fun?":

No matter your stance on Bush, Obama, or anyone else, we are just so darn lucky to be from a country where the changing of government power comes not at the end of a gun barrel or through a bloody coup, but with peace, cooperation, and Aretha Franklin!

The time has come where we are truly proud to be Amer-i-cans!


Sarah and Jeremy said...

So a couple months ago I found you on and asked to stay with you during our Christmas vacation to Hokkaido...

Anyway, you requested we find the Beer Inn (I think that's what its name was) ... well we did, and it was wonderful!!! Though we had a great time doing everything in Niseko and Sapporo, we LOVED that bar. It felt like a piece of home. We also got to meet Phred and drink a few beers with him. Thanks for the recommendation!!!!! We had a great time!

ThiessenTwosome said...

Hey Sarah! So glad you made it to Phred's AND my blog! Ha! Glad you enjoyed it and please let us know the next time you're in Sapporo!