Monday, January 10, 2011

Coming of Age Day

Out of all of Japan's glorious national holidays, none is prettier than 成人の日, or Coming of Age Day. This is the day when the Japanese government, through various ceremonies, recognizes all of those lucky 20-year-olds who can now smoke, drink, and vote hassle-free as promising young adults.

The young ladies celebrate this day by heading to the salon, having their hair done up Dallas-style, and getting dressed in beautiful furisode (a version of Japanese kimono with long sleeves):

Most of the lads nowadays choose to wear standard suits and ties, but a few still don the traditional hakama, (in my opinion, a way cooler version to become an adult in):

The obi, or belt of the furisode ties in the back, competing only with hair in terms of bouffant-ness and complexity:

Perhaps the best part of Coming of Age Day for the rest of us is the liberation from a day of work to enjoy it all! To all those 20-year-olds out there, おめでとうございます!