Monday, January 31, 2011

Party Like It's 2011!

Perhaps proving that maybe...just maybe...the year of 2011 is going to be the best year ever, the month of January has provided me with TWO New Year's parties! Well, they were more like parties in the new year to celebrate a belated New Year's, but whatever! They were still fun and delicious!

First up, a homemade affair at the house of one of my co-worker's, Osumi sensei:

The star of the evening, as with most Japanese parties, was the food! The main dish was nabe, kind of a hot-pot of veggies, meats, and in this case, amazing homemade dumplings:

Plenty of beers, salads, and side snacks:

A little cow's tongue for luck:

Some of Osumi sensei's homemade we have various fruit liqueurs such as apple, plum, peach, blueberry, and strawberry:

And when your stomach's had just about enough of the whole "New Year's business," out comes more food:

Last weekend we headed back to the town of Otaru to keep welcoming 2011 with our favorite couple, the Mori's:

Sadly, the sushi-delivery guy was not called this time. Instead, we got to make our own 手巻きすし, or handmade sushi rolls, which made me feel as if perhaps I didn't need the sushi-delivery guy so much after all. Deeeeelicious:

In addition, we had another Japanese dish, shabu-shabu, which is similar to the nabe hot pot, but with the addition of cooking thinly sliced beef and pork in the steaming broth. Pair that with a few tasty dipping sauces, and your stomach will know no match for the following gorging:

At least the Mori's still kept their copy of Hip Hop Abs from last time:

And, SURPRISE!! An early 30th birthday celebration for me, complete with streamers, champagne, and cake! So, so awesome:

Did I mention that Mori sensei takes his soccer-coaching duties seriously?

Yeah, so now I definitely feel a food detox is in order...

Now that you've been good and properly welcomed in, 2011, I expect no less than ultimate fabulousness from you, okay!? あけましておめでとうございます, everyone!

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