Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frozen Furano Frenzy

Our good friends Meagan, John, and Josh came up to visit us last weekend from Osaka to indulge in the snowy deliciousness of Hokkaido. As it was a pretty melty and sunshiny week for us here in Sapporo, we decided to head to Furano (in the center of Hokkaido) where we figured the snow would be a little heavier for some good boarding and onsening.

First stop in Furano wasn't the slopes, however, but instead for some delicious wood-fired pizza:

If you can believe it, with Jacob's crazy work schedule this year, this was his first chance of the year to hit the slopes:

And, while the boarding wasn't nearly as powdery as we had expected (Furano apparently had just as many sunshiny days as we did), we did stumble upon a hot pancake drink complete with butter and maple syrup flavorings! Ahhh, Japan:

Had a great time with the Osaka crew and looking forward to visiting them on their home-turf down south in a few weeks!!!

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