Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Retro Weekend Up on the Mountain

Last weekend I took off with a few friends to the lovely ski-bummin' area of Niseko! As it just so happened, a 1980s retro weekend on the mountain was held, complete with old-skool 80s ski outfits!

Dont' you want one?

There was food, friends, and prizes...I won one of the best dressed. Obviously:

And, I am quite proud to say that, after three years, I can now properly get down the mountain on a snowboard. You know, when you're not constantly wiping out, it's actually SO. MUCH. FUN!

Our 80s suits were too awesome to only keep on the mountain, so Vanessa, Jesse and I wore them to Niseko's awesome Fridge Bar as well (yes, that really is the front door to the place!):

The next day, we took in some of the best of the area, including a magnificent onsen (natural hot spring) at the Hilton...

...and a trip to Niseko Dairy Factory!

Yeah...I really did eat ice cream, drinkable yogurt, and a cream puff all in one setting. I don't regret it one bit, because they were all so dreamy!!!

I absolutely love getting out and enjoying our island of Hokkaido whenever possible! It's been good taking in our last winter here to the max!

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