Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kicking the Kit Kat Habit

Yup, we're heading out of this wonderful land of novelties this week, and that means saying good-bye to one of my favorite pastimes here: hunting down crazy, colorful Kit Kat flavors! So, in the spirit of all the zany Kit Kats I've encountered during our three years in Japan, here is our last Kit Kat post!

First on the list is definitely the most meaningful Kit Kat as 10 yen from every box sold is going to help those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (the front top of the box says "Let's Help Tohoku"). The flavor is Zunda, a sweet soybean powder that is served on top of mochi, and which was the special regional flavor last year of Miyagi prefecture, one of the worst affected prefectures in the disaster:

Next, who doesn't love ANYTHING that is tiramisu flavored?

There seems to be a newly designed package containing petit Kit Kats...I've found two of this flavors so far, Strawberry Hazlenut...

...and Cookies & Cream:

And finally, a music edition cherry flavor that tastes more like a light cherry cheesecake:

I'm sure going to miss combing the 7-Elevens, Don Quixote, and our Big House grocery store for the latest in Kit Kat Kreations (too much with the K-thing?), but I will rest assured knowing that I can get all the Japanese Kit Kat fix I need by heading over to the Kit Kat Breaktown site (highly entertaining, on the building on the top left-hand corner to check out all of Japan's special regional Kit Kat flavors)! Oh, Nestle Japan and your brilliant marketing strategies! Gets me every time...

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