Saturday, July 30, 2011

House & Hood

Before heading overseas to Japan, I remember completely preparing myself for a life smashed into a one room, teeny apartment with paper-thin walls and nothing but a house plant to serve as a yard. Needless to say, we got pretty lucky with our three-bedroom house complete with yard for barbecuing! Now as we get ready to completely start packing up our life here, it's time for me to get super-sentimental and offer up one last photo tour of our home and neighborhood here in Japan. Hey, it was our home for the past three years! Now, please excuse me while I try to hold on just a little longer!

The king of our house with his sweet preferred mode of transport:

Our living room and joined kitchen/vanity/laundry room:

Our bedroom:

The guest room, host to many a Couchsurfer and friend:

Jacob's "man-cave":

Our bus stop, just outside of the high school:

Our most favorite sushi restaurant, just 10 minutes from our place (of course leading to weekly jaunts to fill our bellies with delicious, raw fish):

The historic farm on the corner across from the 7-Eleven, the Big House (our grocery store), and the sushi restaurant. Always a pleasure to see the pretty little ponies out grazing:

The huge, and very welcomed, open field of green! Sapporo has quite a few of these designated "green spaces" in which nothing can be built or paved...brilliant!

Typical street of Hokkaido houses:

Would love to come back to this area in about 10 years and see how it all has changed!

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